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Donne da Sogno - fashion made in Italy

Collection: spring summer 2014
Clothing: “Made in Italy” women’s apparel
Sizes: from 42 to 56

Donne da Sogno is a brand of clothing dedicated to the “curvy” woman, one who loves to be with people and look her best, to make the most of herself and her natural, wholehearted pleasure in being just as she is.

All the garments are made with tailored skill and are a perfect fit.
The Donne da Sogno collections include sizes ranging from 42 to 56, with particular emphasis on sizes 48, 50 and 52.

Donne da Sogno is not the only brand created by the company, which also produces and distributes Bagarry.
The two brands are extremely versatile and can be sold both through the large-scale distribution channel and in retail stores.

The “Made in Italy” label is a real guarantee as all the production phases take place in Italy.
Donne da Sogno S.r.l.
P: +39. 059.688.173
F: +39. 059.686.426
M: Via Lago Santo 38 - 41012 Carpi (MO) - Italy
Donne da Sogno S.r.l. is the project manager of Italian Fashion Showroom. | VAT# IT02198250363
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